Qigong & Mother Earth ~ Learning Directly from Nature – Women of Wisdom Conference, 3/14

What is it about Nature that calls to our souls? Why do so many enlightened sages throughout time come from the mountains? Nature reflects back to us our inner stillness, wildness and true nature. Qigong, an ancient yet evolving Chinese form of breath, meditation and movement, provides tools to touch deeply into and receive the inner silence and alchemy of Nature. And it is from this inner silence that all life, creativity, aliveness, inspiration, understanding, wisdom, gratitude and Joy arise ~ naturally, without effort. In this session, we will gain simple yet powerful exercises to return to stillness and learn directly from one of our greatest bearers of Light, our Beloved Mother Earth. Sunday 3/14/21 from 10a-12p.

Nourishing Life ~ Cultivating Vitality Longevity & Immunity During Challenging Times

I’m excited to be teaching this class with my awesome husband, Nate Summers!! Living our life full of Nourishing Life practices, following the Nourishing Life (Yang Sheng) philosophy and sharing this with others is one of our big passions! And this class gives us the opportunity to walk this journey together with you – renewing and revitalizing our mind, body, and spirit using deep teachings from ancient medical systems including Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Indigenous wisdom, and even ancient European healing traditions. Free webinar – Oct 9th. Classes start Oct. 16th.

Women’s Nourishing Qigong Class ~ ZY Qigong Level 1 & 2 ~ 中原氣功

ZY Qigong is one of the world’s most ancient and complete healing and self-development systems, a practice combining movement, breath, and the meditative mind to store and focus energy for personal transformation and healing. This practice also builds our immune system and we will also learn meditations to strengthen and nourish our lungs and promote healing during this COVIS-19 pandemic. Wednesdays • 4-5:15 p.m.

The Art of Movement ~ Rewilding Our Bodies

Yay! I’m excited to be teaching this class with my awesome husband, Nate Summers!! Free, natural, rewilding movement is something we are both passionate about, and between the 2 of us, we have 40 years of teaching experience in this field. We actually began our relationship with several play dates to share our various natural movement practices! (So fun!!) This is going to be a fulfilling, revitalizing, inspiring and FUN class and I’m excited to share it with you all!

Here are the details:
The Art of Movement: Rewilding Our Bodies, 10 Week Video Class, Thursdays 11a.m. PDT, July 9 – September 10.
Classes are 75 mins + extra time for Q&A.