The Power of Play & the Wonder of Wandering
Radio interview on Voices of Women with Kris Steinnes 

Do you miss play in your life?  Play is as essential for our wellbeing as sleep and in a culture that places high value on busy-ness and “productivity”, time for play, wonder and wandering are lost arts. Yet, these things, especially when done outdoors, fill our body with happy feelings, the abundant Qi of Nature, and the sense of awe and enchantment we were born with. They are keys to our creativity, aliveness and our soul’s purpose. Through simple qigong, outdoor play and a culminating quest , a solo “wonder wander” (with its roots in Chinese medicine), we will reclaim the power, vitality and joy innate to us all!


Qigong & Exuberance
Radio interview on the Dr. Pat Show. Interview is the first 14 minutes of the show.

Step into your Joy and Vitality. Learn about a unique practice that combines the fundamental and powerful practices of Qigong with stone-toning, tree weaving with ropes and staff dancing. Trees, rivers, mountains, wildlife, and Nature are naturally Exuberant; their strength interwoven with all life and grounded in our Earth’s massive Qi. And Qi – our vital energy – is in some languages also translated as JOY Make the natural rise of exuberance an everyday phenomena in your life.


Air Bending & the Goddess Circle Walk ~ Bagua Zhang
Radio Interview on the Dr. Pat Show. Interview starts at 26:14.

As humans we have a natural born responsibility of physical and spiritual caretaking for our Earth. As women and natural peacemakers, our prayers honoring the Mystery, Magic and Beauty of Life are powerful and essential. In this workshop, we’ll learn the basic 8 forms of an ancient Daoist circle walking practice, Bagua Zhang. It’s based on the 8 Trigrams, the foundation of the YiJing (Book of Changes). The written YiJing teaches the way of Heaven and Earth; the moving form, Bagua moves Heaven and Earth through and around you. Harmonizing our own energies with the 8 fundamental energies of the Cosmos, Bagua is a powerful dance, prayer, ritual and offering. This is the dance I did at my wedding and do often in the Wild.


Staffs & Hammers of the Wise Wild Women
Radio interview on the Dr. Pat Show. Interview is first one of the show.

Do you love forests? Do you love to dance? Do you enjoy the mystery of alchemizing beauty, wisdom and wildness through our bodies? This is the heart of the practices of Qigong, Earthgym and Ritual! Learn a nourishing qigong warm-up and open your qi flow to activate your body’s wisdom. Using talisman tools of Nordic women ancestors—staffs and iron hammers—we discover fundamental movements/katas, developing rhythm, rapport, and repetition, and end by entering into the gateway and alchemy of ritual.


Qigong & the Goddess – Learning Directly from Nature
Radio interview on the Dr. Pat Show. Interview is first one of the show.

What is it about Nature that calls to our souls? Why do so many enlightened sages throughout time and place come from the mountains? Nature reflects back to us our inner wildness and true nature. Qigong, an ancient yet evolving Chinese form of breath, meditation and movement rooted in Taoist, Buddhist and Shamanic traditions, provides tools to touch deeply into and receive the inner alchemy of Nature. Learn directly from one of our greatest bearers of Light, our Goddess Mother Earth. Becky Moore shares how the body is always talking to us, but sometimes we need help interpreting what it is saying. Every organ and every issue in the body has an emotional and symbolic meaning to it. We will focus on the organs and body parts as they relate to the chakras. We will learn how the cellular intelligence of your body is directing you to pertinent information for greater health, and we will learn simple exercises, for any age, to move stagnant energy to help you thrive.


Nourishing Life Through Ritual & Movement
Interview on New Moon Muse Broadcast with Katsura


Dr. Pat Interview with Karen Joy Fletcher


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