Vitally Alive and Feeling Good

Welcome! I am Karen Joy Fletcher and am passionate about healthy living, adventure, deep nature connection, and helping people live lives that cultivate their own aliveness, wellbeing and inner Joy.

This is our natural state. When sauntering in ancient forest, soaking in the splendor of newly blossomed wild flowers in an alpine meadow, or sitting in awe next to a wild, surging river of radiant sparkling blue-green glacial waters, you feel the Joy, Aliveness and Wellness of Nature all around you – and inside you. We are nature and I am passionate about sharing simple tools, practices and experiences that allow these qualities to naturally bubble up and flourish from within.

I do this through my lifetime love, study and sharing of Qigong and Chinese medicine. I do this through movement, training and nature connection practices, such as Earthgym. I do this through leading Qigong & Wilderness retreat trips in the U.S. and China. I do this through writing, reflection, teaching and sharing as much as I can, and living my life in a way that cultivates and strengthens these qualities in me each and every day!

My name has always shared with me my calling, yet it wasn’t until I have lived through my own dark nights of the soul and have been on my own soul’s quest for years, that I understood.  I am here to share Joy in the fullest sense of the word.

And I can support you through group lessons, private lessons, coaching, retreat trips in Qigong, Earthgym, Nature Connection and bringing wonder and aliveness back into your daily life.

Please join me in saying YES to a lifetime of wonder, nourishment, vitality, wellbeing and JOY!


What is Earthgym?

Learn a simple system of play and movement that opens up the magic and teachings from the Earth. Train with sticks, stones, ropes, & trees and recover your grin, your wild and free spirit and learn from the Earth. Our motto is “Follow your feet and the Earth will teach!”


Learn More About China Trips

Experience the wild mountains, plateaus, villages, people, cuisine and culture of China! Our motto is Active Journeys ~ True Connections. We learn with our bodies and hearts as we connect to the land and the people.




ClassesQigong Classes Women's Nourishing Qigong, mountain summer sunrise

Women’s Nourishing Qigong Class ~ ZY Qigong Level 2 – Spring Series 2024

ZY Qigong is one of the world’s most ancient and complete healing and self-development systems. In Level 2, we’ll work with our Middle Dan Tian, developing our Heart wisdom, inner knowing and confidence. We will build our Central Channel, increasing our abilities to learn from Life, and will learn 4 methods of Body Breathing for healing, inner transformation and entering the Silence of Mind. (They’re super cool!!) This practice also strengthens our immune system, balances the Yin and Yang energies in the body and naturally cultivates our health, inner peace, vitality and happiness!! Beginning and returning students welcome! Mondays • 10:30am, starting April 1, 2024

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