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Earthgym Toning with Stones

Earthgym Toning with Stones

Come tune your muscle tone with Stones!

Stones are one of the most powerful magnets for Qi, or vital life energy and information from Nature. When we move with stones, we ignite our muscles and our breath. In this way, we draw in the Earth’s song and qi while cleanings our tissues with air.

Come experience the alchemy of Stone!

Qigong with Trees

Explore your earth gym!

This outdoor class combines Qigong fundamentals with stone-toning, tree-weaving with ropes and staff training…and a lot of FUN! It is a great way to get in shape while exploring our natural Earth Gym, and while learning and building on the powerful energy practices of qigong (氣功).

The Joy of Qigong Video Series

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This series of 9 foundational Qigong video lessons shot in various beautiful locations is entitled, The Joy of Qigong!  The videos feature a wonderful set of easy-to-integrate Qigong lessons.

  • Each qigong video offers a ~10 minute lesson.
  • Together the video series provides you with a complete set of exercises called The Eight Brocades, or in Chinese, Ba Duan Jin 八段錦. It also provides a qigong warm up, two other powerful Qi gathering exercises, and two compilation videos to practice along with after going through all the lessons.

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