My Interview on The Qigong Effect – Online Summit with 21 Qigong Experts Worldwide

Learn how Qigong has transformed my life, grown my good health, creates vitality, joy & living my soul’s path! Yay!

I’m honored to have been invited to speak in The Qigong Effect! It was an international online summit with 21 Qigong teachers around the world, each of us sharing of the transformational effects of Qigong in building our good health, reducing stress, promoting vitality, creativity, joy and living our soul’s purpose. Watch and enjoy below :)!

Sample QiGong Video

This is a short, refreshing less than 10 min video qigong practice you can do anywhere. It offers 2 very simple and powerful practices for cleansing and balancing your energy/qi, and opening your channels. It is an energetic “reset” for your body/spirit/being and it’s fun too! Fun and enjoyment are key to any practice.

This was filmed outside and I encourage you to practice outside if you can, or you can enjoy the nature beauty in the video.

A whole video series, the Joy of Qigong, is available for purchase in our store.

Qigong in China & China Trips

Here is a video of me practicing qigong in the Genyen mountains of the Tibetan Plateau from our September 2012 CHINA Qigong & Wilderness trekking trip (See our CHINA trips section for more information on upcoming trips.) You can taste a bit of the immense majesty of this land, the beauty of 700+ y/o Tibetan Lengu Monastery, and the kindness and joy of the monks through this short film!

Qigong in China from David E. Anderson.

Glimpse of 3 days on the High Grasslands of the Tibetan Plateau

Take a peak of the last 3 days of our epic 15-day trek in the Tibetan Plateau! It was such an auspicious one. So much to share from our journeys from Chengdu to the highlands of this vast plateau, our 6 days of trekking in the Genyen Massiff, our visits with monks, nuns and many pilgrims coming to these grand, sacred mountains, our learnings with 2 monks in a high meditation cave that’s been used for 1,000+ years, surprises of waking up in the middle of the night with a huge yak chewing grass and snorting in my ear(!!!), powerful shamanic ceremonies and qigong sessions in the high backcountry — along with yak, rainbows and monks(!!! :-)), a massive both terrifying and thrilling thunder and lightening storm among 17,000, 18,000 and 20,000 foot granite peaks, and much much more!! This video below by David Anderson gives a glimpse into the last 3 days of our 15-day journey. We left the city of Litang (4000m) and drove north through the massive grasslands that contain thousands of yaks. Hundreds of families still live a traditional Tibetan lifestyle in this area (the beautiful woman in the video is so amazing and generous!! She invited us into her modest yet warm and cozy yak tent home. She’s 37 and has SEVEN beautiful kids!! :)). We all enjoyed practicing Qigong (a practice of aligning the body, breath, and mind for health and meditation) through the whole trip and on these vast grasslands. And then continued to the border of TAR, soaked in hot springs and endured a bone jarring ride to the spectacular Cuopo Lake and the Jarjinjabo Massif.

The Tibetan Plateau 2014 from David E. Anderson.

Qigong, Tea & Nature Retreat Trip in Yunnan, China

Qigong, Tea & Nature Retreat in Yunnan, China from David E. Anderson.

Study with a Master Chinese Medicine Doctor, Dr. Zhao & Dancing on TV!

Here is a 22-minute evening news broadcast in Henan, China about my studies with Dr. Zhao. Somehow while I was with Dr. Zhao, the TV news media got word of me being there and found it newsworthy (for 1/2 of evening news that is!!) that I should choose to come all the way to Zhengzhou to study with Dr. Zhao. They also found every bit of my daily life fascinating…including my daily habit and joy of dancing in my room. Haha! (See ~min 7 for the dancing!)

My friend helped me dub my own voice over the newscast so I translate the whole thing into English. It is quite entertaining.

For writings on my China adventures, studies with Dr. Zhao and learnings in the Far East, see my China blog.

Earthgym Videos

show the inherent strength, exuberance and joy in our natural run

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