Hawaii & the Magic of Deep Nature Connection, Cloud Forest Wonder, Coqui Frog Songs & Poky Lava Rock Beds

Aloha from the blue waters, jumping whales, swimming sea turtles, singing coqui frogs, mists and RAIN of the Kona cloud forest, colorful fishes and lava tide pools of Hawaii!! 🙂 Nate, Orion and I just thoroughly enjoyed our first time on the beautiful and powerful big island!! And this visit was a working trip –…

Listening & Receiving ~ 4 Pillars for Moving Forward in a Harmony Way on Our Planet

As I do my daily outdoor qigong, my nature wonder wanders, my earthgym and animal forms in the forest and sit spot by the river, I’m listening and also asking for our solutions and vision for a new way going forward on our planet. I recently received four pillars of guidance that I share in this blog. I would also love to hear from you what you’re learning and steps you’re taking for a new direction for humanity, for the health and wellness of our planet.

Plant Medicine – 1-Day Fall Class on Immunity & Staying Healthy! :) Sat. 11/10

Let’s learn about plants and how their medicine can keep us healthy and strengthen our immune system!! This is our first of a series of seasonal Plant Medicine and Nourishing Life Classes held on Saturday, November 10th from 9:30-4ish. In this class, entitled Optimum Wellness and Immunity During the Fall, we’ll: learn how to keep ourselves healthy during cold and flu season (Yay!); learn how to make remedies with local forest plants and simple ingredients in our kitchen (so empowering!!); make some herbal infusions, a tincture, and our very own cough medicine to take home! (Fun and good medicine for the whole family!); learn about our immune system from an energetic and holistic point of view based on Chinese Medicine. (way cool!!:)); and gain simple concepts, acupressure points and exercises to increase our vitality and strengthen our immunity to stay healthy (and they’re fun! :))