mountain by mt rainier

Qi Immersion

Ready to immerse yourself in the awesomeness of Qi?! Qi is the energy/information that flows, ripples and shines throughout our Earth and Cosmos. When our Qi is abundant, vital and flowing, we are Radiant. We are healthy and living with a spring in our step, a sparkle in our eye and a fire of purpose, joy, love and wisdom in our hearts. In this 8-week class, we’ll learn how Qi flows, its pathways, how to build its vitality and abundance and key ways to use Qi to cultivate our health, soul and our beautiful life. Specifically we’ll learn our energetic anatomy, the basics of Human Yuan Gong -Primordial Original Qigong which builds and nourishes the deepest layers of the body, and the revered and powerful Eight Sections Brocade Qigong. This strengthens the body while opening all of the Qi meridians. Join us on this 8-week journey. Mondays • 10:30am, starting Jan 31, 2022

Danielle and Karen pulling stick

The Primal Power of Play ~ Earthgym! – Women of Wisdom Conference, 3/25

Come play and connect with our Earth with simple Earth tools – sticks and stones! Earthgym taps into our childhood passions of using outdoor play to learn from life. It’s a movement way of learning from our habitat. Sticks and stones are powerful, alchemical training tools that can be used to open doorways of transformation, aliveness, creativity & joy.  From these states of being, the Earth’s teachings and immense Qi comes pouring into our biggest musing tool, our body. Join me in this 2.5-hour workshop as part of the online Women of Wisdom Conference on Friday, March 25 from 2:30-5p PT.

Panorama of the winter sunrise in mountains

Women’s Nourishing Qigong Class ~ Big Tree

Do you love Trees? Come learn one of the most powerful practices to gather immense amounts of Qi from the Earth and Sky. To do this, we learn from our Trees, and like a tree, become a conduit for Heaven and Earth. ZY Qigong is one of the world’s most ancient and complete healing and self-development systems, and is steeped in Daoism, Buddhism and Shamanism. Join us on this 4-week journey. Mondays • 10:15am, starting Jan 3, 2022

image of giant tree looking up from base of trunk

The Interconnection of Happiness ~ Our Lives Depend On It

I went to one of my morning spots in the backyard garden to begin my daily Qigong practice. This spot is in a patch of grass surrounded by our magenta pink rose bushes, two strawberry patches, one of our grandmother apple trees, three vegetable garden beds and our beautiful towering red maple tree with its rustling leaves in the early morning breeze. Usually at this hour, I enjoy the warmth of the early morning sun, but not today. It was already hot. The day before was “only” 88 degrees but the sun’s intensity, along with my looming dread for the unprecedented heat wave coming to the Pacific Northwest, even as I stood in the cooling waters of our local Tolt River, made it that much stronger. 

Earthgym: Primal Strength & Play

In this 8-part series, join Earthgym specialist and Qigong teacher Karen Joy Fletcher and Natural Movement teacher and Internal Martial Arts expert Nate Summers on a journey into natural strength, play, and power. We will explore natural strength, training with sticks and stones, wild movement, playfulness, spontaneity, and more! Between the two of us we have over 40 years experience teaching these modalities. And it’s SOOO FUN!! Classes start June 11!

Qigong & Mother Earth ~ Learning Directly from Nature – Women of Wisdom Conference, 3/14

What is it about Nature that calls to our souls? Why do so many enlightened sages throughout time come from the mountains? Nature reflects back to us our inner stillness, wildness and true nature. Qigong, an ancient yet evolving Chinese form of breath, meditation and movement, provides tools to touch deeply into and receive the inner silence and alchemy of Nature. And it is from this inner silence that all life, creativity, aliveness, inspiration, understanding, wisdom, gratitude and Joy arise ~ naturally, without effort. In this session, we will gain simple yet powerful exercises to return to stillness and learn directly from one of our greatest bearers of Light, our Beloved Mother Earth. Sunday 3/14/21 from 10a-12p.

Nourishing Life ~ Cultivating Vitality Longevity & Immunity During Challenging Times

I’m excited to be teaching this class with my awesome husband, Nate Summers!! Living our life full of Nourishing Life practices, following the Nourishing Life (Yang Sheng) philosophy and sharing this with others is one of our big passions! And this class gives us the opportunity to walk this journey together with you – renewing and revitalizing our mind, body, and spirit using deep teachings from ancient medical systems including Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Indigenous wisdom, and even ancient European healing traditions. Free webinar – Oct 9th. Classes start Oct. 16th.

Qigong with Trees ~ Earthgym! 3-Class Series on Zoom

Feeling restless with the COVID lockdowns? Ready to move your body and fill your tissues with the bubbling Joy, fragrances, beauty and exquisite new life of Spring? If so, you’re in the right place!! Join me in my first-ever online Qigong with Trees ~ Earthgym class. This will be a natural pick-me-up and you can do it from anywhere!! You can join from your backyard, balcony, porch, patio, or even your apartment with your windows open! 🙂 Thursdays, 4/30, 5/7, 5/14 from 4:30-5:15 p.m. PDT.