Being Magical

I am a magical person. I receive magic from our Earth and Sky, from the trees, the moss and ferns, the glowing cottonwood seeds floating in the wind, the exquisite beauty of our blooming rhododendron flowers, the sparkling river waters, shimmering and waving big leaf maple leaves, fluttering tiger swallowtail butterflies, the ethereal song of…

Gathering Wonder & Gentle Joy

Fairies, Mink Tracks, Eagles, Pumpkins and the Art of Being Truly Alive! YAY for another wonderful, magical adventure with my dear son, Orion! Wonder is a quality, an essence I actively cultivate in myself. When in wonder, the magic and tremendous beauty, love, wisdom and aliveness of Nature comes rushing into all my pores. When…

hemlock for peace

The Power of Peace

I had a nightmare. Waking, I still felt the quivering fear in my body, my heart racing, the dread in my bones and the feeling of uncertainty. Are we going to make it? Will we be okay? In my dream, my family and I were at some country fair in the south. It was a…

image of giant tree looking up from base of trunk

The Interconnection of Happiness ~ Our Lives Depend On It

I went to one of my morning spots in the backyard garden to begin my daily Qigong practice. This spot is in a patch of grass surrounded by our magenta pink rose bushes, two strawberry patches, one of our grandmother apple trees, three vegetable garden beds and our beautiful towering red maple tree with its rustling leaves in the early morning breeze. Usually at this hour, I enjoy the warmth of the early morning sun, but not today. It was already hot. The day before was “only” 88 degrees but the sun’s intensity, along with my looming dread for the unprecedented heat wave coming to the Pacific Northwest, even as I stood in the cooling waters of our local Tolt River, made it that much stronger.