Visiting Lugu Lake, the “Country of Daughters” – One of the Last Matriarchal Societies & the Medicine of Goddess Mountain

Greetings Friends! Like many of you, I am struggling with many feelings, including grief, anger, fear, devastation and great loss after the result of our election. I feel we have missed a most wonderful and powerful opportunity to have Hillary as our chief leader in our country. And instead, I am struggling to come to…

Staffs & Hammers of the Wise Wild Women

Do you love forests?  Do you love to dance?  Do you enjoy the mystery of alchemizing beauty, wisdom and wildness through our bodies?  This is the heart of the practices of Qigong, Earthgym and Ritual!  Learn a nourishing qigong warm-up and open your qi flow to activate your body’s wisdom.  Using talisman tools of Nordic women ancestors—staffs and iron hammers—we discover fundamental movements/katas, developing rhythm, rapport, and repetition, and end by entering into the gateway and alchemy of ritual.  All fitness levels are welcome.  Create a ritual of celebration and transformation to ripple your blessings out across our Lands.