Panorama of the winter sunrise in mountains

Women’s Nourishing Qigong Class ~ Big Tree

Do you love Trees? Come learn one of the most powerful practices to gather immense amounts of Qi from the Earth and Sky. To do this, we learn from our Trees, and like a tree, become a conduit for Heaven and Earth. ZY Qigong is one of the world’s most ancient and complete healing and self-development systems, and is steeped in Daoism, Buddhism and Shamanism. Join us on this 4-week journey. Mondays • 10:15am, starting Jan 3, 2022

image of giant tree looking up from base of trunk

The Interconnection of Happiness ~ Our Lives Depend On It

I went to one of my morning spots in the backyard garden to begin my daily Qigong practice. This spot is in a patch of grass surrounded by our magenta pink rose bushes, two strawberry patches, one of our grandmother apple trees, three vegetable garden beds and our beautiful towering red maple tree with its rustling leaves in the early morning breeze. Usually at this hour, I enjoy the warmth of the early morning sun, but not today. It was already hot. The day before was “only” 88 degrees but the sun’s intensity, along with my looming dread for the unprecedented heat wave coming to the Pacific Northwest, even as I stood in the cooling waters of our local Tolt River, made it that much stronger. 

Women’s Nourishing Qigong Class ~ Fall 2021 Series

ZY Qigong is one of the world’s most ancient and complete healing and self-development systems, a practice combining movement, breath, and the meditative mind to store and focus energy for personal transformation and healing. This practice also builds our immune system and naturally cultivates our health, vitality and happiness!! Mondays • 10:30am, starting Sept 27, 2021

Earthgym: Primal Strength & Play

In this 8-part series, join Earthgym specialist and Qigong teacher Karen Joy Fletcher and Natural Movement teacher and Internal Martial Arts expert Nate Summers on a journey into natural strength, play, and power. We will explore natural strength, training with sticks and stones, wild movement, playfulness, spontaneity, and more! Between the two of us we have over 40 years experience teaching these modalities. And it’s SOOO FUN!! Classes start June 11!

The Wonder of Wandering ~ Reclaiming a Lost Art

Join me at the first-ever Primal Living Conference this May 14-16th! During this 3-day online conference there will be amazing sessions with visionaries, teachers, skills experts, healers, storytellers, and experts in all sorts of fields including Natural Movement, Deep Nature Connection, Primal Birth, Primal Parenting, BIPOC perspectives, Hunter-gatherer strategies for the 21st century and more. I’ll be presenting The Wonder of Wandering ~ Reclaiming a Lost Art and will be speaking on the Nature & Spirituality panel. Join today! 🙂

Mt Blanc with sun rising and field of magenta colored flowers

Women’s Nourishing Qigong Class ~ ZY Qigong Level 2 ~ 中原氣功

ZY Qigong Level 2 works with our Middle Dan Tian, developing our Heart wisdom, inner knowing and confidence. We will build our Central Channel, increasing our abilities to learn from Life, and will learn 4 methods of Body Breathing for healing, inner transformation and entering the Silence of Mind. (They’re super cool!!) And so much more! One of the many benefits of Qigong, in addition to good health, is the natural cultivation of our inner happiness and peace! 🙂 Join us and start your week with Joy, Connection and Nourishment! Yay! Mondays • 11a-12:30p