The Power of Play & the Wonder of Wandering ~ Women of Wisdom Conference 2/16

Do you miss play in your life? Play is as essential for our wellbeing as sleep and in a culture that places high value on busy-ness and “productivity”, time for play, wonder and wandering are lost arts. Yet, these things, especially when done outdoors, fill our body with happy feelings, the abundant Qi of Nature, and the sense of awe and enchantment we were born with. They are keys to our creativity, aliveness and our soul’s purpose. Through simple qigong, outdoor play and a culminating quest , a solo “wonder wander” (with its roots in Chinese medicine), we will reclaim the power, vitality and joy innate to us all! Sunday 2/16 from 2:30 – 5:30 p.m.

Wintertime Health ~ Stoking Our Inner Fire

In this day-long immersion class on 12/7, we will look at how to face the darkness, heaviness, and stillness of the winter season by stoking our inner warmth and fire.  Drawing on nourishing life wisdom from around the world, we will look at foods, herbs, and practices that keep us alive and vital through the darkest time of year.  Why do we crave spices like cinnamon and nutmeg? Why is there a tradition of bringing greenery into the house at this time of year?

We will answer these questions and more as we sample herbal teas, learn to use mugwort as moxibustion to warm and strengthen vital areas of the body, learn about local trees and their medicinal properties, and even practice some fire meditation to strengthen the body inside and out. (Saturday 12/7, 9:30a-4p)

The Magic of Mugwort (艾葉) & Moxibustion (灸)

Mugwort is amazing and used in traditions around the world. It can be taken orally to warm the womb and alleviate menstrual pain; placed under one’s pillow for dreams; and used externally in Chinese Medicine to warm the body, stimulate circulation and smooth Qi flow, and expel pathogenic influences. This herb also holds teachings of self-compassion, mindfulness and inner nourishment. Let’s explore the ways of magical mugwort, gathered from our Cascade river valleys, for self-care, prevention and alleviation of common ailments. Join us at the Pacific Women’s Herbal Conference on Vashon Island, Sept 20-22, 2019.

Wild Wandering & Wild Food ~ Plant Medicine Class Incorporating Qigong & Springtime Nourishing Practices

It’s spring – time of lessening yin and and growing yang. So it’s a perfect time get outside, play and nourish our growing qi with wild foods, qigong and the ancient arts of free and easy wandering. That’s why we’re offering our next seasonal Plant Medicine & Qigong class called Wild Wandering & Wild Food on Saturday April 27 from 9:30a-4:00p. Come join us to optimize your and your family’s health in the springtime! 🙂

Deep Nourishing: Winter Roots ~ Plant Medicine Class Incorporating Tonic Herbs, Super Foods and Qigong

It’s winter – time of extreme yin and nourishing our roots. So it’s a perfect time to learn about plant medicines, including tonics and superfoods, and qigong and meditation practices that do just that!! That’s why we’re offering our next seasonal Plant Medicine class called Deep Nourishing: Winter Roots on Saturday January 19 from 9:30a-4p. Come join us to optimize your and your family’s health in the winter months! 🙂

Plant Medicine – 1-Day Fall Class on Immunity & Staying Healthy! :) Sat. 11/10

Let’s learn about plants and how their medicine can keep us healthy and strengthen our immune system!! This is our first of a series of seasonal Plant Medicine and Nourishing Life Classes held on Saturday, November 10th from 9:30-4ish. In this class, entitled Optimum Wellness and Immunity During the Fall, we’ll: learn how to keep ourselves healthy during cold and flu season (Yay!); learn how to make remedies with local forest plants and simple ingredients in our kitchen (so empowering!!); make some herbal infusions, a tincture, and our very own cough medicine to take home! (Fun and good medicine for the whole family!); learn about our immune system from an energetic and holistic point of view based on Chinese Medicine. (way cool!!:)); and gain simple concepts, acupressure points and exercises to increase our vitality and strengthen our immunity to stay healthy (and they’re fun! :))