Join Mick Dodge for a weekend of Earth Gym Alchemy & Hammer Training!

Have you heard the Earth Song? Do you feel it in your bones and tissues, coursing through your blood and rising through the mist of your voice? She sings, inviting us to come home… into her Forests and Mountains, Nature’s training halls of alchemy, mystery, joy and awe. Everyone’s path may be different yet our journeys all begin with our own 2 feet. “Follow your feet and the Earth will teach.” This is our mantra.

Join Mick Dodge, the Barefoot Sensei on May 9th and 10th in Snohomish, WA as he shares his wisdom, humor and skill mused through his muscles through decades of footing his path in the Lands of OM (Olympic Mountains), attuning his song with the Earth’s song.


On to Genyen!, Unexpected Visitors, Qigong with Yaks & Monks, 1,000 Years of Meditation & Lightening Mantras

Greetings Friends! Yay! So below are many stories from the 2nd half of our trek/pilgrimage to beautiful Mt. Genyen and the high Tibetan grasslands….so without further adieu….   On to Genyen!!! Oh my goodness!!! It was just amazing to be back at this sacred mountain. There are now 2 monasteries here as the new one…